Transport & Getting to School

Getting to School

Walking, scooting or cycling

Ranches Primary School is in a unique and fortunate position that means that children in our closest communities – that is, most of the children in the school – can walk, scoot or cycle to school. And our extensive bike racks bear testimony to the number of children who take advantage of that! For many families, this is a compelling reason to choose to live in Arabian Ranches or Sustainable City.

Community Pass

Supporting sustainability and promoting independence

To support these sustainable modes of travel and to encourage independence in older year groups, we have a Community Pass scheme. In Year 4-6 children who are deemed able by both the school and their families, may be awarded a community pass that enables them to travel to and from school independently. The pass includes contact information and acts as an identifier should the child find themselves in need of support outside of school.

If children are traveling from further afield, they will have to travel by car or by bus.

Travelling by School Bus

We have partnered with Arab Falcon Bus Rental LLC, an experienced and established bus transportation company which is used by number of schools in Dubai to provide students with a safe, reliable and professional transport service.

All vehicles used by Arab Falcon follow the strict Road and Transport Authority (RTA) safety standards and guidelines. All bus drivers are experienced and authorized and trained by the RTA. A bus helper will travel with each vehicle.

Arab Falcon provide a service between the school and most of the surrounding communities. For details of the services available or any other queries you may have, please contact Arab Falcon directly using the contact details below. While every effort will be made to accommodate all requests, the decision whether a child is allocated a seat rests with Arab Falcon and is dependent on: the student residing on an existing route; seat availability on buses serving that route.

Should you wish to use the service, please complete the application form and provide it directly to Arab Falcon.

Arab Falcon Contact Details
Contact name: Ms. Amber Zahra
Contact number: 050-8813974
Email address:

Ranches Primary School

Enquiries :+971 (0)4 442 9765