#RPSBeginYourAdventure A coeducational independent primary school in Dubai for ages 18 Months to 11 Years

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A fully inclusive British curriculum school in the heart of the popular Arabian Ranches 2 community, children’s needs will always be at the forefront of all we do. Read more

Julian Pederick

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Successful people use what they know to try to be useful to others. Instead of asking ‘What’s in it for me?’ they ask, ‘What can I give?’

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Success does not come knocking on the door. We all need to go out and find something in which we can experience the highs and lows of life.

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Children have a fantastic imagination, which mostly declines with age. This decline is the enemy of success. To help children to be successful we need to help them to keep having ideas as they get older.

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Successful people have bad luck, setbacks, failures, criticism and rejection but by working with others, they always find a way around these problems. Children need to understand that if they have bad luck, they are not alone.

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We can all make things a little bit better. We can all take small steps to greatness. But first, we must show a bit of curiosity in how something either works or why it doesn’t.

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Accomplishment is all about commitment and hard work. Pupils need to understand the benefits of concentration and focus. They need to know that work is good and not something that should be avoided.

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