Transitioning to Secondary School

Transitioning within the Cognita family

Being part of the Cognita family of schools offers exciting opportunities for our students to transition to other esteemed institutions within the group, such as RGS Guildford Dubai, Repton Dubai, Repton Al Barsha, Horizon International School, or Repton Abu Dhabi.

Our Ranches Primary students will benefit from priority placement at all Cognita schools in the Middle East.

If you would like to discuss the opportunities with any of our Cognita schools in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, please get in touch with the RPS Admissions team or the Admissions teams in either of these schools below:

RGS Guildford Dubai
Repton Dubai
Repton Al Barsha
Horizon International School
Repton Abu Dhabi

Transition from a free standing school

Free standing affords our students some advantages over all-through settings

We take pride in being a free-standing primary school, offering our students the unique benefits that come with this model. As the oldest children in the school, and with the opportunities for leadership and responsibility that this affords, our pupils develop the qualities of independence, confidence, and self-esteem. This prepares them well for the transition to a secondary school they will have to make at the end of Year 6, aged 11.

Preparation for Transition

Preparing our students for senior school is a duty we take very seriously

To ensure a smooth transfer to secondary school, we undertake considerable preparatory work during Years 5 and 6. Our efforts focus on cultivating strong friendships and partnerships for our pupils to transition alongside, as well as fostering resilience and adaptability to prepare them for the challenges of attending larger schools with older students. As a result, our students have an excellent track record of gaining admission to their first-choice secondary schools.

Ranches Primary School

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