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Ranches Nursery

A friendly and welcoming nursery in Arabian Ranches 2.

Ranches Nursery is a family-oriented nursery, adjacent to Ranches Primary School. We provide a safe and stimulating environment for young children aged 18 months to 3 years. Our educational approach encourages independence, communication, and confidence, preparing children for primary school.

Our dedicated team of teachers and teaching assistants work together to develop each child according to their individual needs and potential, with a focus on sports, healthy habits, ethics, and respect for others and the environment.


Purpose-built facilities that cater to the unique needs of our young learners

Each of our classrooms has its own dedicated outdoor garden, providing children with a safe and nurturing space to explore, learn, and grow. We also have a shared sustainability garden constructed from recycled materials, which fosters a recycle and re-use mindset in our little ones. A shared outdoor play area encourages physical activity, social interaction, and the development of essential motor skills.

Inside the nursery, our classrooms are designed to inspire learning through play, featuring quiet spaces for reflection, messy play areas for creative exploration, tactile play stations for sensory development, and special explore spaces to ignite curiosity. Our dedicated indoor soft play area offers a safe and stimulating environment for children to develop their physical abilities while having fun. With these thoughtfully designed facilities, Ranches Nursery is committed to providing a well-rounded and engaging learning experience for our young students.


Conveniently placed for some of Dubai’s most family-friendly communities.

Ranches Nursery is conveniently located in Arabian Ranches 2, making it ideally situated to serve the popular, family-oriented residential communities along the Al Qudra corridor. Tucked behind Ranches Primary School on a quiet street, our nursery enjoys a tranquil environment that fosters a calm and nurturing atmosphere for our young students. This strategic location ensures easy access for families, while preserving the peaceful surroundings essential to a nurturing early years education.


A Day at Ranches Nursery

Your child's day begins with a warm welcome into their classroom, where they'll find a variety of engaging activities set up for them to explore both indoors and outdoors. These may tactile play, messy play, independent exploration, and structured activities designed to keep them engaged and actively learning throughout the day.

Mid-morning, the children come together for a wholesome snack, followed by outdoor playtime in the shared area, where they can run, climb, and socialize with their peers. Afterward, they participate in focused activities, either as a whole group or individually, to further develop their skills and interests. Then, it's time for some imaginative play in our dedicated soft play or role play areas. Lunchtime is spent in the classroom, enjoying their food in the company of friends. After lunch, we offer quiet activities and rest periods tailored to each child's needs. The day winds down with extended playtime, providing opportunities for further exploration and interaction before it's time for pick-up.

Fees & Tours

We accept children on a full or part time basis with options of 2, 3 or 5 days. Fees are pro-rated accordingly.

If you are ready to find out more about our nursery and experience our safe and friendly environment for yourself, please use our enquiry form to register your interest with the Admissions Team who will get in touch to arrange a convenient time to visit.

Additional Fees

In addition to annual tuition fees, the following non-refundable charges are required in order to secure a place:

Application Fee: 500 AED one-off, non-refundable payment.
Medical Fee: 500 AED one-off, non-refundable payment.

Days Attending  Annual TuItion Fee  Annual Registration Fee  Term 1  Term 2  Term 3 
2 Days  25,000  2,500  7,500  7,500  7,500 
3 Days  31,000  3,100  9,300  9,300 9,300 
5 Days  45,000  4,500 13,500  13,500  13,500 

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