The Music Curriculum

Harmonizing learning and joy through the power of music

Music is taught across the school, from Early Years Foundation Stage to Year 6, with weekly music lessons and the curriculum is composed of five strands – performing, listening, composing, history of music, and inter-related dimensions in music. The curriculum is designed as a spiral curriculum, meaning it is cyclical and revisits lessons with greater depth each time.

Our aim is to inspire a joy of performing by encouraging students to join ensembles or productions, which exposes them to different performances and builds their confidence. We empower students with practical skills to create their own music and appreciate various cultural music styles, preparing them for further studies.

Enriching the Music Curriculum

Amplifying learning experiences through a rich music curriculum

All students have a weekly music lesson that includes singing, listening, composing, and playing a wide range of instruments. They are also exposed to different digital platforms, like Garage Band and Chrome Music Lab, to develop their music composition skills. We also offer extracurricular activities such as Ranches Singers (Choir), Singing Club, and Ukulele Club. Students also participate in different performances and productions both in and out of school, collaborating and competing with other schools.

Music Facilities and Resources

RPS boasts a spacious music room with a wide range of instruments to support students' learning and understanding of instrument playing. Our peripatetic music programme is accessible to students from Year 1 to 6 who wish to receive additional instruction in a specific area of interest.

Ranches Primary School

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