Mathematics Curriculum

As every number counts, so does every child

Our mathematics curriculum is based on the UK National Curriculum, with a strong emphasis on arithmetic and reasoning skills. Our pupils are provided with open-ended investigative opportunities to deepen their understanding of each unit. To ensure a comprehensive learning experience, we follow the Whiterose Maths scheme throughout the school.

The RPS Approach to Mathematics

We employ the CPA approach (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) to mathematics, using physical objects, such as blocks, counters, or other tangible items, that help children visualise mathematical concepts and explore ideas in a hands-on manner. We also adopt a mastery approach that focuses on deepening children's understanding of mathematical concepts. Deliberate practice sessions and targeted interventions ensure that any gaps in learning are frequently revisited, allowing all groups of children to make progress.

Results and Achievements in Mathematics

Our internal assessments show that 95% of the children made Expected or above progress in Phase 2.

97% of our FS children met their Early Learning Goals by the end of phase 1.

Our external assessments show that 87% of the children attained age related expectations in the PTMs.

Ensuring Effective Teaching of Mathematics

To maintain a high standard of teaching in mathematics, we offer regular Continuous Professional Development (CPD) sessions and encourage the sharing of best practices among our educators. Our "Teachers on Tour" programme allows for the exchange of ideas and inspiration across the school. We also conduct regular moderations across year groups and phases to ensure consistent standards and expectations.

Assessment and Progress Tracking: every step forward counts

We use pre- and post-assessments before and after each new unit to pitch lessons appropriately and demonstrate progress. Most lessons are structured to include specific Assessment for Learning (AFL) opportunities at the start, allowing us to identify pupils who may work ahead and make above-expected progress in the lesson. We also use Learning Ladders to formally grade each child's attainment and identify any gaps in learning.

Enriching the Mathematics Curriculum

Bringing maths to life through a vibrant, enriched curriculum

To further enrich our mathematics curriculum, we incorporate the use of TT Rockstars across the school and offer maths-related Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs). We celebrate Pi Day and host an annual TT Rockstars Day, where children compete on a whole-school level and dress up for the occasion, promoting a fun and engaging approach to learning mathematics.

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