Visitors to our school consistently comment about how personable it is. We are proud of that personal touch and it starts from the moment you start your journey with the school. From registration, our Admissions Team will guide you through our admissions process to start date and beyond.

Please note that, if you are applying for Ranches Primary School and Ranches Nursery, you will need to complete 2 separate applications.

Registration Help

Document Uploads

To progress your registration we require a number of documents pertaining to your child and parents/guardians. The more of these that you can provide at the time of registration, the faster we will be able to make an offer.

Below we have listed the documents that are mandatory to upload in order to complete registration, and the documents that you may provide later if they are not available immediately.

Uploading Multi-page Documents

Our system is limited to uploading a single file/document per category. This means that scans of multi-page documents (e.g. academic reports) must be combined into a single document prior to upload. To help you to do this, we have provided links below to free and easy-to-use online tools that will enable you to combine multiple files into a single PDF document.

Mandatory Documents:
  • Identity Page Of Child's Passport

  • Child's Birth Certificate

  • Most Recent 2 Years Of Academic Progress And Attainment Reports (Not Mandatory For Nursery)

  • Identity Page Of Both Parent/Guardian's Passports

  • Child's Vaccination Records

Documents that may be provided later:
  • Any Additional Relevant Reports Such As Medical Reports, Individualised Educational Plan (IEP), Assessments Or Evaluations, And Any Follow-Up Progress Reports

  • Child's UAE Residence Visa

  • Emirates ID Card (Both Sides)

  • Child's Health Insurance Card/Documentation (Both Sides)

  • Both Parent/Guardian's UAE Residence Visas

  • Both Parent/Guardian's Emirates ID Cards (Both Sides)

Ranches Primary School

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