The Science Curriculum

Where curiosity meets discovery in the classroom.

Our science curriculum is designed to foster a sense of curiosity in all our students. We understand that curiosity is the driving force behind all scientific discovery and learning, and it is at the core of our Science Curriculum. In Phase One, students study science as part of their "Understanding the world around us" module, where they get to carry out mini experiments and learn about the wonders of science in a fun and engaging way. In Phase Two, students have two dedicated science lessons per week, allowing them to dive deeper into various scientific topics.

Our students have access to a fully equipped laboratory where they can put their scientific knowledge into practice and explore the world of science in a safe and supervised environment.

Enriching the Science Curriculum

Empowering future innovators through an enriched STEM curriculum

Science opens up many opportunities for children to create and innovate. Our Curriculum Enrichment program provides numerous opportunities for children to compete in various STEM competitions and collaborate with other schools. For example, every year we have a team represent RPS in the Formula Ethara National Finals in Abu Dhabi. This not only helps our students develop their scientific knowledge and skills, but it also teaches them important life skills like teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.

Working scientifically is a major focus in our curriculum, and it provides our students with key skills that are transferable to all areas of their lives.

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