The Arabic Curriculum

A linguistic journey that bridges cultures and expands horizons

Our Arabic programme follows the UAE Ministry of Education (MOE) curriculum, with the aim of helping our pupils achieve advanced language proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Children begin learning Arabic from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and continue until Year 6. In the EYFS, our pupils receive two Arabic lessons per week, while native speakers in older year groups have up to 6 lessons a week. Our Arabic lessons cater to different levels of language proficiency – beginner, intermediate, and advanced – especially for our non-native speakers. Activities offered in class are adapted to meet the needs of each level, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive learning experience for all our children.

Arabic and Curriculum Enrichment

Shaping culturally aware, linguistically skilled global citizens.

We believe in enriching our Arabic curriculum through various opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. Our pupils participate in both internal and external competitions, such as poetry recital competitions, Arabic speaking competitions, and reading competitions. These activities not only enhance our children's language skills but also expose them to a diverse range of perspectives and opinions by engaging with the rich cultural heritage associated with the Arabic language. Learning a challenging language like Arabic at an early age can help develop critical thinking skills and lay the foundation for more easily learning other languages in the future. This holistic approach ensures our children receive a well-rounded education and an appreciation for the importance of Arabic in our community and the wider world.

Ranches Primary School

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