Vision & Values

Our foundational focus is the happiness and confidence of our children.

Our vision is to foster a thriving community where each child's happiness and confidence serve as the foundation for their individual growth and academic success. Our core values of resilience, purpose, and success are integral to our approach, ensuring that every child feels challenged without being overwhelmed. By maintaining a caring and supportive environment, we encourage pupils to enjoy being children, while our inspirational teachers instil a love for learning and prepare them for the ever-changing world.

Respect for individual needs is a core value at RPS, and we provide an extensive range of after-school opportunities for children to explore their interests and passions. The RPS Character Compass, comprising commitment, courage, curiosity, creativity, co-operation, and compassion, is central to our vision and values. By embedding these principles in everything we do, we aim to nurture well-rounded, confident, and happy individuals who are ready to make a positive impact on their local and global community.

What our vision looks like in practice:


Our Values

Our values are woven through all we do at RPS.

Our values are reflected in our school name and logo, RPS: Resilience, Purpose and Success. The serves as our daily reminder to prepare our students for a rich and fulfilling life, in an increasingly fast paced and complex world. Our core values are intrinsically desirable attributes for both the students and adults within our school that underpin every decision we make and action we take. Our values provide the essential focus that brings our vision to life and represent the attributes that we firmly believe prepare our students well for their futures.

Ranches Primary School

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