The Islamic Curriculum

Cultivating respect, compassion, and a sense of global community.

Islamic education at Ranches Primary School (RPS) is taught from Year 2 through to Year 6. Pupils in Key Stage 1 receive 120 minutes of Islamic instruction weekly, while those in Key Stage 2 receive 80 minutes weekly. Our Islamic curriculum encompasses a variety of subject links, such as: science through the study of Surat Al Layl and Surat Al Burouj; morals with a focus on truthfulness, honesty, and tolerance; history covering the life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH; and geography exploring migration to Madina.

Islamic Curriculum Enrichment

Nurturing global citizens in a diverse world.

At RPS, we aim to enrich our Islamic curriculum with a range of activities, such as educational trips, external and internal Quran competitions, and curriculum moderation in collaboration with the Islamic committee. Our Islamic studies programme helps to enhance our pupils' behaviour by instilling important morals and values, linking the curriculum to their daily lives. Islamic studies also guide our children towards becoming good citizens who positively contribute to their community, raise awareness about Islamic culture, and celebrate Islamic events like Islamic Day for Prophet Muhammad's birthday, Ramadan, and Eid.

Ranches Primary School

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