English & Reading

The RPS Approach to English & Reading

Our teachers actively promote a love of reading

The RPS Approach to English and Reading is designed to foster a love of reading in our children. Our children in FS and Key Stage One learn to read through exposure to high-quality texts, RWI sessions and regular reading at home with family members. Once they complete the RWI programme, they move onto Whole Class Reading sessions where they are taught skills to help them understand and analyse a range of texts, and retrieve and record information from fiction and non-fiction texts. In Upper Key Stage 2, children develop their critical thinking skills as they learn to evaluate the impact of the author’s use of language and participate in discussion and debates about books they have read.

We believe that reading for enjoyment is a crucial part of the school culture, and our teachers actively promote a love of reading which inspires and motivates children to read at school and at home.

English & Reading Curriculum Enrichment

English outside of the curriculum

We're committed to providing our pupils with a range of enrichment activities that complement their English and Reading curriculum. Throughout the year, we offer opportunities for our children to participate in various English events such as the Emirate Literature Festival competition, author visits, and creative writing workshops. We also organise a range of events in school to promote reading enjoyment, such as the RPS Poetry Recital, the RPS spelling Bee and recognising World Book Day.

These events provide our children with opportunities to develop their English skills while immersing themselves in new experiences and learning opportunities whilst showcasing their skills and talents.

English & Reading in the Extra-Curricular Programme

Our Extra-Curricular Activity programme also provides a range of opportunities for pupils to develop their English skills outside of the classroom. The Speech Squad and Creative Reading Club, for example, offer pupils the chance to work on their speaking and listening skills, develop their confidence and creativity, and improve their reading comprehension.

Our Innovative Seed and Gardeners Programme

Innovative initiatives for students to inspire their peers

Our Seeds and Gardeners initiative is an innovative programme launched at RPS to promote positive relationships between Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils. This programme offers children opportunities to share their love of reading and writing with others, as well as develop their speaking and listening skills through collaborative projects.

At RPS, we are committed to providing our pupils with a rich and varied English and Reading curriculum that goes beyond the classroom to provide meaningful and enjoyable learning experiences.

Facilities and Digital Resources

Fostering a love of real books

At RPS, the library is a hub for all things English and Reading. With a comprehensive selection of books, children can check out a new book every week to enjoy at home. Arabic-speaking children also have access to a selection of Arabic books. The library is regularly updated with new purchases based on children's suggestions, ensuring that they have access to a wide range of high-quality texts. In addition to the library, each classroom also has its own reading area or book corner, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for children to relax and read.

Harnessing digital technology to enable students to take ownership of their English & Reading learning

We also utilise various digital tools to support English learning. Online applications such as EPIC, Oxford Owl, and Spelling Shed are integrated into the curriculum to enhance and enrich English learning. Children also use Seesaw to record their reading and create a "Digital Reading Log" which allows teachers, parents, and students to keep track of the books they have read. These digital resources and tools allow for a more dynamic and engaging English learning experience at RPS.

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